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Drake taping into those emotions again. But this time it’s with his ex-boo stripper Maliah (you’ve seen her in his Find Your Love video, she also date rapper Sean Kingston) via Twitter.

The beef started when Drake subliminally tweeted: “Sometimes I wanna tweet things like “B**ch how you stop f**kin with me and now you live on twitter everyday”…but then I just don’t.”…Then I guess Maliah felt some type of way and immediately tweeted from her account: “Lmao Yess I love twitter and I don’t f**k with disrespectful crybaby a** n*ggas that’s y,”.

When her followers told her to stop beefing with Drake, she replied: “idk y its just show business.”   She then seemed to get annoyed with all the questions about her relationship with Drake, writing: “Lmao y y’all think that is the only man in my life it was 2 years ago. Please no more talk about him. Find me someone else. Who will appreciate me.”

LMBO…it’s funny seeing celebs taking shots at each other  on Twitter but not in a good way though. They don’t realize that blogs all over the world are just waiting for anything negative to post about them (yep like this one) ..GOT TO BE MO’ CAREFUL.

~Jazzy McBee Follow @JazzyMcBee

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