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Janet Jackson has what every brand new pop tart longs for–legitimate sex appeal.

When she first came onto the music scene in 1982, she was a sweet fresh faced girl singing little ditties about young love. Fast forward ten years and Janet became the sex kitten every man dreamed she would be. Janet’s Queen Sex Kitten status was bestowed thanks to some of her racy song lyrics. She started teasing dudes on 1986′s “Funny How Time Flies When You’re Having Fun.” Since I don’t speak French, I couldn’t tell you what she’s actually saying, but I do know that it sounded sexy as hell.

Being that May 16th is Janet Jackson’s birthday, The Urban Daily is going to run down Janet’s 10 raciest lyrics. Here’s to her getting some birthday sex and making her man call her Ms. Jackson because he’s nasty.

10. “Strawberry Bounce” Damita Jo (2004)

Raciest Line: “Bump the beat/Just watch the way I pump it/The way I work it gonna keep you cumin’”

For a dude whose thirst for Janet is in the extreme percentile, this is a fantasy come true. Show me a man who says they don’t want to watch Janet pump it and I’ll show you a man who is a virgin and knows nothing of self pleasure. The thought of Ms. Jackson (yes, I’m nasty.) writhing provocatively in a video is enough to raise Lazarus. If she displays that much freakiness on stage, imagine how she puts it down behind closed doors. After all, she did say, “I’m a pro. You won’t be disappointed!” Oww!

9. “Moist”Damita Jo (2004)

Raciest Line: “My thirst is quenched/Ooh baby we’re so drenched/Our body’s rhythms are/So cataclysmic/Got me twisted”

Usually Janet coos about how good her bedroom skills are. On “Moist,” she gives props to her man for kissing her other set of lips the way she wants him to. Instead of telling him she got her rocks off, she drenches him in her love ocean. Janet Jackson’s love ocean is hardly the worst typhoon to be caught in. I know plenty of brothas willing to go to the ends of the Earth for a glimpse of that beach, myself included.

8. “All For You”All For You (2001)

Raciest Line: “Got a nice package alright /Guess I’m gonna have to ride it tonight”

Hold up! Janet Jackson opens a club banger by talking to her girls about a guy she is eyeing at a club and sees he’s packing heat in his pants and automatically hands him a golden ticket to enter her chocolate factory?! Can someone let me know the next time she’s at a club. I’m just saying I’d have no problem being objectified by Janet Jackson. Hell, I’d wear a shirt that reads: “Will Allow Janet Jackson To Objectify Me For Sex!”

7. “If” janet. (1993)

Raciest Line: “Your smooth and shiny/Feels so good against my lips sugar/I want you so bad I can/Taste your love right now baby”

Though this line is fairly tame compared to other lyrics, it gets a spot on the countdown because it purposely leaves something to the imagination. What body part is she referring to when she sings about a man’s “smooth and shiny”? Could Janet be talking about the lips, chest, or a man’s procreation stick? For freakiness’ sake, I’d like to go with the last option over everything. But that’s just me…and hopefully Janet.

6. “Anytime, Any Place”janet. (1993)

Raciest Line: “You stare into my eyes/I can feel your hand moving up my thighs/Skirt around my waist/Wall against my face/I can feel your lips”

After listening to this steamy track, only thing I can do is wipe the fog from my glasses. Two things are made painfully obvious on “Anytime, Any Place.” Janet Jackson is a freak, but requires intimacy to unleash her freaky dragon. Secondly, a little pain is pleasure for the 5’4 stunner. You know they say it’s a thin line between pleasure and pain. I’d be more than glad to walk that line with Janet.

5. “Rope Burn” – The Velvet Rope (1997)

Raciest Line: “The passion in your voice I wanna hear/As you start to tell me/While you’re at it take the blind fold/Tie it gently on me/Don’t wanna see but feel the things/You’re gonna do to me”

Before Rihanna rubbed her S&M loving ass in our faces, Janet nudged the door open enough for us to take a peek into her inner most thoughts. “Rope Burn” calls for a man to tie Janet up with a velvet rope and blindfold her just to have their way with her. No need for a sales pitch, I’m already sold!

4. “Warmth” – Damita Jo (2004)

Raciest Line: “My hands wrapped around/Stroking up and down/But nothing can compare to/The warmth of my mouth”

What man doesn’t like a good round of fellatio? Mind you, Janet is a daring one on this track. She’s willing to do all of this while he’s driving. While that is the fastest way to die, especially if she knows what she’s doing, I’d be willing to take the risk once or twice. Who am I kidding? Any time Janet Jackson had the urge to  please me, we’re getting it in right then and there. Period. No questions asked.

3. “Throb” – janet. (1993)

Raciest Line: “I can feel your body/Pressed against my body/Wrap yourself around me/Love to feel you throbbin”

Is there really anything that needs to be said about this? No, but I’ll say just a few words. HELL and YES!!!!!!! If she likes it, I love it!

2. “Discipline” – Discipline (2008)

Raciest Line: “Babe I need some discipline tonight/Baby Don’t hold back/I’ve been very bad/Make me cry”

Although Janet has pulled out her whips and chains on other tracks, this stands out the most because she is going into serious detail about how she wants to be roughed up. While I’m down for infusing a little bit of kinkiness into bedroom sessions, disciplining shorty is just a little much. What if we are in the heat of passion and she asks me to choke her and then it starts getting so good, the grip around her neck gets tighter? I’m good. I’ve seen 1,000 Ways To Die and that was one of them.

1. “Would You Mind” – All For You (2001)

Raciest Line: “Baby would you mind coming inside of me/Letting your juices free/Deep in my passion”

Janet Jackson ascended to the throne of freakiness with “Would You Mind.” R. Kelly’s king of ratchet freaky sex songs self was probably blushing the first time he listened to this. He was probably like, “Oh snap! Somebody out here is trying to get nastier than me on a record. I can’t have that!” Then he probably wrote mad ratchet sex songs that never saw the light of day. Think about it. This song is so racy people use it as a euphemism  when talking about what they did the night before when children are present. Swag!


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