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Some politicians really need to find better things to do with their time. New York State Senator Malcolm Smith held a press conference in the middle of Times Square to demand an apology from Lil Wayne, who was quoted by MTV News as saying, “I don’t like New York.”

Weezy’s feelings should come as no surprise since the rapper served 8-months on New York City’s notorious Rikers Island after pleading guilty to a weapons charge he caught after his first solo performance in Manhattan in 2007.

Senator Smith, who said that his daughter is a Lil Wayne fan, represents the legislative district of Hollis, Queens, which Smith mistakenly called the “origin of hip hop.” Hollis played a huge role in the history of hip hop, producing the legendary Run-DMC, mogul Russell Simmons and others, but the origin of hip hop is the Bronx, New York.



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