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Another athlete is dead broke, even after getting nearly 26 million guaranteed from the NFL. On top of that he is out of a job.

Young was recently cut from the Buffalo Bills, his third NFL team, in August. He was trying to make the Bills as a backup, the same role he filled with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011.

I can’t fathom the idea of earning that much money and losing it all in just 6 years!! These players need to get a better handle on their money and stop spending excessively on women, clothes, cars, and bad habits.

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Six years ago, quarterback Vince Young became the third overall pick in the draft, signing a contract with the Titans that paid him $26 million.

Now, Young is out of the NFL — and out of money.

Young has sued his former agent, Major Adams, and a financial planner, Ronnie Peoples.  Young claims that they misappropriated $5.5 million, via forged signatures and impersonated phone calls and emails.  Young also alleges that a $1.7 million lockout loan in 2011 was obtained in his name by Adams and Peoples.

“They conspired to take Vince’s money,” Dolezal said.  “It’s that simple.”

Regardless of where the money went, the money is gone.  And Dolezal thinks Young was dumped by the Bills because of the financial issues.  “I wasn’t in the room when [the Bills] made a decision, but what would you think?  It certainly wouldn’t help me if I’m the owner or the head coach knowing all this is going on with Vince and then he goes out and plays poorly,” Dolezal said.

The Bills declined comment on the reasons for cutting him.  Regardless of the reason(s), the Bills didn’t want him — and no one else does, either.

WOW!!! I pray his situation gets better. At the same time he should’ve made that money last for a lifetime…but eh, who am I? ~Jazzy McBee