With Week 6 of the NFL season wrapping up, the Durtty Boyz pick who they think is going to win tonight! The matchup is between the Philadelphia Eagles And The New York Giants! E.T. – Giants J Nicks- Eagles Gambino – Eagles Resident African- Doesn’t know the difference between American Football and African football DJ […]

March Madness is about to start, but here’s your reminder that the NFL is still a thing. The Bills and Eagles traded linebacker Kiko Alonso and running back LeSean McCoy. They aren’t quite superstars,…

Another athlete is dead broke, even after getting nearly 26 million guaranteed from the NFL. On top of that he is out of a job. Young was recently cut from the Buffalo Bills, his third NFL team, in August. He was trying to make the Bills as a backup, the same role he filled with […]

A good woman can be hard to find, especially when you’re down and out. It appears that NFL Star, Michael Vick recognizes this because he is ready to walk down the aisle with the woman who stuck by him through thick and thin. From Page Six Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will tie the knot with […]

Months ago, Lil Wayne expressed his hope that he'd be able to keep up with sports while serving his year long prison sentence at New York City's Rikers Island. Apparently, the wish of Birdman Jr. — who actually has a tattoo of the ESPN logo — has been fulfilled.