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In a GQ profile, rapper, producer, and film director The RZA discussed his new kung-fu flick, The Man With The Iron Fists, his growing presence in Hollywood, and past life with the Wu-Tang Clan.

Check the excerpts:

The RZA on his now being an important figure in Hollywood and how he’s liking it: “It’s good to be important. It’s nice to be nice.”

…on turning to Quentin Tarantino in order to execute his vision for The Man With The Iron Fists: “I knew the vision [for Iron Fists] was in my head. I knew I could do it. But I knew I had to learn how to do it. I went to a proper teacher, and he [Quentin Tarantino] accepted me as a student.”

…on following Kill Bill’s production team and walking away with a souvenir: “Only a few people got the world-tour jacket, and I’m one of them.”

…on his time with the Wu-Tang Clan: “I just had to get out the cage, kid. Had to get out the cage. And I enjoyed that sh*t, man. I had a lot of fun. For two years straight, I had super fun. I had all kind of pus*ies, spent millions of dollars for hundreds of b*tches, you know what I mean? I really ran wild and had five girlfriends, probably. Anything. I’d f*ck anything. I was on it, kid.”

…on the Wu-Tang Clan’s rule of not permitting girls in the studio: “Dirty always tried to break the rule. Argued with me over it. No women. I mean, in the beginning, on the first album, maybe somebody would bring a bitch and everybody’d f*ck her on the roof, like a gang bang. But no, not in the studio. Not in the studio.”

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