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Actor/comedian Katt Williams is slowly unraveling in front of our eyes. The former “Wild ‘N Out” star was arrested in Oakland, California for a fight. As he was getting handcuffed, he was videotaped saying he was canceling his Oakland comedy show because of the arrest.

Williams was taken into police custody outside of East Oakland’s Kimball’s Carnival earlier this week. The arrest took place around three in the morning. Katt Williams allegedly busted someone in the head with a bottle at a hotel close to the venue where he was arrested. He was released yesterday afternoon.

During his arrest, Katt can be heard telling a woman, presumably his assistant, “Call Live Nation … call the radio station … the show’s canceled.” After squaring that away, Williams begins verbally beating his chest, saying, “Four dudes and one of me and I beat the brakes off them!”

Katt Williams was threatening to cancel the show he had scheduled for tonight at Oakland’s Oracle Arena. Apparently, Williams’ threats were just that–threats. The venue confirmed the show was still on and that Katt Williams will be taking the stage. Somebody better tell Katt Williams because he didn’t seem too enthused about doing the show in Oakland.

Hopefully, Katt can get it together. He’s been in the news more for his erratic behavior than his talent and that is never good for business.

Check the video out below.


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