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Parents and graduates of Atlanta Public Schools are outraged that Gucci Mane was allowed to speak to students at Crawford Long Middle School’s career day last week.

WSB-TV spoke to Crawford Long Middle School parents who said Gucci should not have been talking to children because of his graphic rap lyrics and extensive criminal record, which includes being arrested for pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle.

Other parents said they were upset that the school didn’t notify them that Gucci would be speaking to the students.

An APS representative told WSB-TV that there would be a follow-up with the school about the Gucci’s visit and added, “We want to make sure people who serve as role models to our students are in line with our ethical and integrity standards.”

Not to be outdone, controversial rapper Shawty Lo spoke to students the very next day at Atlanta’s B.E.S.T. Academy.



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