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Tyler Perry’s been sued before over the plot for one of his films, but this time it’s for his most recent film “Temptation.” Screenwriter William James of Gary, Indiana has filed a lawsuit against Director/Producer Tyler Perry claiming that the premise of “Temptation” was stolen from his 2009 screenplay “Lovers Kill.”

According to the suit, both films are based on the story of a married couple where the wife is tempted by another man and leads to an affair. James also claimed in the lawsuit that he gave a copy of his script to an associate of Oprah Winfrey in hopes of it getting into Perry’s hands.

James is suing for monetary damages and wants the opening and closing credits changes to include “Based on the novel ‘Lovers Kill’ by William James”

There’s been many movies made in the past about infidelity. Do you think the plot is too general to try to sue over?

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