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Rapper Lil Wayne is finding himself in some hot water. This time, it’s because of something that happened on a video set that some people are calling anti-American.

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Weezy was filming a video for his song “God Bless Amerika” where the flag is supposed fall to the ground, but when it does, Lil Wayne is seen stepping on the flag. Many blasted Weezy for the perceived disrespect, but Weezy said it was an accident. Then, several outlets called Lil Wayne a liar because there is footage of the shoot and Weezy clearly looks down at the flag during the shoot.

While Lil Wayne shouldn’t have lied in order to save face, if this is the biggest problem some people have then they need to get bigger problems. Leave the dude alone. It’s really not that serious. Check the video below and see for yourself.



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