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This is just getting to be way too much. First Mary Jane is causing fights between Kirk and Rasheeda on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday. Then by Wednesday she released a song glorifying being a jump off! Now Funky Dineva is reporting that  she and Bambi from Basketball Wives LA were about to tear up Kandi Burruss’s set for Kandi Koated Nights! Wow what a week this chick is having!

Check out the craziness below!

As we previously reported the two have been beefing since Mary Jane was on Big Tigger’s show last week to defend herself against the hate she got for allegedly jumpin off with Kirk Frost on L&HHA. Well since then the there have been various comments made back and forth about one another by both women. We guess this was just the breaking point.

Funky Dineva gave a first hand account of what happened saying,

“At the moment in which all of this was taking place, I was completely blown. Honestly, I did not understand the depth of this situation and kept thinking to my self “is this made for TV drama really this serious”? Let me start out by saying that when the show started, we were continuously interrupted by Mary Jane’s mother who came off like an old woman sitting under a tree drunk off of Michelob and smoking a Benson & Hedges. Seriously, Mary Jane’s mother would fit in with Frankie Lyon’s (Keisha Cole’s mother) perfectly. At any rate, Mary Jane’s mother started running off at the mouth about Bambi before we could really even get the show started. From there, Mary J chose to use the platform to start running off at the mouth and talking reckless as well.

The real gag is, Mary Jane showed up to Kandi Koated Nights with a security guard. I vowed that I would be on my best behavior last night, so I didn’t go in too much. However, I damn sure was thinking to myself “this bish had a cameo on 2 episodes of Love & Hip Hop and now she needs security?” Chile bye! Ohh so now you that famous???  The next thing I thought to myself was “it is real easy to run off at the mouth and jump bad when you have a 6’4 300 white man in a suit standing in front of you. He was a fine white man, but that’s neither here nor there. Lol The last thing that was running through my head once things got crazy was “would Mary Jane, her momma, her publicist, and big girl that came with them all shut up.” Chile the whole situation was just dreadful. To top it off, big girl that accompanied Mary Jane looked like she’d be out of breath just trying to take her purse off. Girl bye!”

This video explains how Mary Jane came to know Bambi in the first place. Have a look!

Hmm OK well that sounds very shall we say “parched” on the behalf of Mary Jane. In other words the chick sounds super thirsty! But alright let’s get back to Funky Dineva! Who further described the drama on Kandi Koated Nights by saying,

“We were never quite able to get to the meat and potatoes as to why this major beef has popped of between Bambi and Mary Jane. Mary Jane attempted to explain it to us and summed it up by saying Bambi is heated because Mary Jane got more camera time than she did.  Not really sure if I totally agree considering that Bambi had a much more substantial role on Basketball Wives LA. Chile, I don’t know what’s going on. Y’all know most times I have all the T. However, this sh!t is so trivial and junior high, that it is depleting my spirit to even talk about it.”

Mary Jane posted this warning in the video below to Bambi check it out!

Such refinement and gentility! We love to see such dignity and grace it’s just a beautiful thing! And if you believe us…then we have a magnificent bridge in Brooklyn to sell you! Good luck chica’s something tells us you are really going to need it!


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