Man Love We live in a world where acceptance and tolerance are prevalent factors of society. Humans are expected to accept people for who they are, or want to be, without judgments or second guesses. However one chooses to live their lives is fine by me, but certain areas of humanity are still relatively gray. One of those areas is the barbershop. Television and music preach unconditional love for your fellow humans, but in the barbershop, that’s just empty rhetoric. A man bringing his boyfriend there and expecting no one to stare is ridiculous. Even the slightest hint at a gay relationship will have Otis — the 80-year-old Black man who sweeps up the hair — questioning your motives. It’s kind of like being a Black guy on a golf course before Tiger Woods made it okay. Be a martyr if you want to, that’s your prerogative. But be ready for supreme side-eyes and scrutiny when you giggle and put your masculine palm on your partner’s skinny jean-covered knee. It’s nothing personal, it’s just tradition. Side note: this rule changes if it’s two lesbians. Men love lesbians and cat fights, no matter what rules they observe.

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