The Faint of Heart Anything can happen in the barbershop: drug deals, stabbings, fist fights, all of those things you see on True story: I used to get my haircut at a shop in the ‘hood. One day, I got a cut in the A.M., left, came back 30 minutes later and my barber was bloodied up in the parking lot. Someone robbed and pistol-whipped him. Craziest part was that I almost stayed to use the restroom but someone was in there. Needless to say, I haven’t been back to that place since. I’ve had barbers who smoked weed in their shops, allowed drug dealers to set up their operations in the back, I even once got my haircut at a spot where the main barber kept a pistol on his hip. I’ve witnessed arguments over a Lakers losing streak start with jokes and end in guys getting knocked out, laying face down in a pile of the next man’s shaven naps. It can get brutal in a place that’s devoid any femininity. It’s like the back of the bus, but with more space to accommodate the chaos. When you go, don’t act scared, because they can smell fear from a mile away.

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