Your GF/Wife/Daughter Barbershops are masculine domains of loud talking, rude gestures, and blunt conversation. As a rule of thumb, ladies aren’t allowed inside (unless their good-for-nothing baby daddy won’t take their son to get a haircut). For lack of a better bit of imagery, a barbershop is tantamount to a lion’s den, with the exception of its electricity and running water. If a slab of meat happens to ease through the bars, you can bet your weed money that the animals will pounce. If not physically, mentally. The last thing your wife/daughter/girlfriend wants to do is get ogled by a batch of hungry cats for 45 minutes while they whisper to one another and lick their chops. Save yourself the hassle and possible fist fight and leave her in the car. Or better yet, at home, because hyenas roam around outside in the parking lot and they can be just as vicious as the lions inside. Maybe even more so if they can’t afford to get edged up like you can. The barber’s chair can feel like a prison cell as you helplessly watch the vultures swoop down on your loved one. If that happens, you must choose between your pride or a jacked-up taper, and that’s a choice any man should never have to make. Hit us in the comments with other things that don’t belong in the barbershop! READ MORE HOT ORIGINALS ON THEURBANDAILY.COM: 11 Random Questions We Have For The Fire Twerker [VIDEO] Where Were Your Boys? – Toure [OPINION] 10 Reasons I Gave Up Fantasy Sports [OPINION]

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