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On the latest episode of “Tamar & Vince”, we continued to follow Tamar and Vince’s road to parenthood . The couple was still on Tamar’s promotional tour and as Tamar’s belly continued to grow, it became harder and harder for the mommy to be to hide her “Love On Top” from her group of inquisitive fans. When asked how she felt, nine times out of ten Tamar responded with one word: “fat.” Since she was worried her Tamartian friends would think that she had eaten one cheeseburger too many instead of having a growing baby inside of her, Vince and Tamar contemplated revealing to the world that they were expecting, and finally agreed to share it after they finished their promotional tour!

Find out what happened below.

Baby Bump On The Road


Tamar and Vince were in the midst of Tamar’s promotional tour and that meant long hours on the road, speaking engagements, performances, radio interviews and occasional club appearances. Since Tamar was pregnant, the only bottles that she could pop were juice and water and she found it increasingly hard to continue to keep her pregnancy a secret. During some of the Q&A sessions with her fans, Tamar and Vince tried hard to keep their composure when asked when they were planning to get pregnant and start a family. Little did everyone know, they already were!

If hiding her pregnancy wasn’t hard enough, Tamar found herself hungry all the time and eating everything in site! When Vince, Tamar and LaShawn went to dinner during one of the promo tour stops, Tamar couldn’t help herself from indulging in her “baby daddy’s” plate before devouring her own. Although it was no secret that Tamar didn’t necessarily enjoy her pregnancy because she was in pain and felt fat all of the time, one thing she did seem to enjoy was the eating aspect. At least being pregnant allows you to enjoy as much food as you want!

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Seeing Tamar and Vince’s interaction while on the road and even over dinner proved their love for each other. They seemed to not only be lovers, and future parents but also the best of friends as well!

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