The trending topic today, If you found out after your baby turn one there was a mix up at the hospital. Would you try and find your baby?  This is such a hard thing to do but it has happened before, babies have gone home with the wrong parents and sometimes they may never actually see there biological parents again.

We don’t normally think of these things happening and we expect for the hospitals to have it under control. Check out this story that happened this month.

Five months ago it happened to two local couples at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital.

The babies went home with the wrong parents and it was only yesterday the babies were finally returned to their biological mothers after the Ministry of Health intervened two weeks ago.

The bizarre story unfolded months ago when a young expectant mother from Tobago was flown in by helicopter to have a Caesarean section at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital.

On that same day, another young woman from central Trinidad also had a Caesarian section to deliver her newborn.

The Tobago mother and her husband are of Afro-Trinidadian ethnicity while the Central mother and her husband are of Indian ethnicity.

Both mothers, after their surgeries, were placed on the same ward, in beds next to each other.

They both had baby girls who were tagged and placed in cots next to the patients believed to be their biological mothers.

The babies had been switched in error earlier by nurses and no one detected the mix-up.

The two mothers were discharged from the hospital, each taking home a stranger’s baby.

They would soon name, love and call their own these babies for the next five months with one family living in Tobago and the other in central Trinidad.

As the baby girls grew, both sets of parents became increasingly confused that their babies did not look like them and seemed to not be of the same race.

The differences were initially shrugged off as the father of African ethnicity was said to have a great grandparent of Indian descent and the father of Indian ethnicity was said to have some African ancestry.

But concerns grew as the babies did.

The Central couple were advised by friends and relatives to get genetic testing done.

This showed they were not the biological parents of the baby girl.

Source: Trinidad Express

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