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On last night’s “Scandal,” more secrets and lies were revealed surrounding Rowan Pope and the mysterious Project Remington.  Wracked with guilt after killing Pete Foster, Huck runs to the nearest AA meeting, confessing his love for “whiskey” (wink, wink), while busybody Quinn listened in the shadows.

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Huck soon finds out from Jake that Pete Foster was more than just a usual mark – Foster served in the Navy with none other than President Fitzgerald Grant, III.  Once Huck realizes he and Jake have a common enemy in Rowan Pope, he decides to team up with Jake to bring down their former boss.

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Olivia had her hands full with her newest client, Senator Meyers, whose naughty sexts and peen pics made him the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Liv’s personal life was equally messy as Jake pressured her to take a closer look at her daddy’s shady dealings.  Liv, clearly terrified of locking horns with Papa Pope, gives Jake his walking papers but has a change of heart when Jake brings Huck to her front door.

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From their covert surveillance of Rowan, Jake and Huck find out that the flight plan tattooed on on Pete Foster’s body is linked to a non-documented flight mission, headed by Fitz.

Fitz, whose been rather tight-lipped about Remington, rolls up in Rowan’s office: “This is a reunion. One that is long overdue.”

Did you guess Rowan and Fitz knew each other?  And will we finally find out what really happened in Project Remington? Tune in next week!


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