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During the climb to stardom in the entertainment, it’s very easy for one to stray away from their core values in search of a dollar. However, rapper/actor LL Cool J is not one of the entertainers who’s fallen victim to his desire for money.

Born James Todd Smith in Queens, NY, LL Cool J has always expressed his opinion no matter how unpopular it might be. Through all of his triumphs and shortcomings, LL has never lost the respect of his peers and those he proceeds because he lives his truth. And the truth needs no proof; either it is or it isn’t.

LL Cool J rose to fame as a brash and arrogant teenager from Queens, New York rapping about his radio. Throughout his career, he’s used his voice to push urban youth to get out and get into politics. No, he hasn’t thrown his hat in any political race, but he has endorsed and campaigned for several political candidates on both sides of the spectrum.  LL Cool J considers himself politically independent and his history shows that. In 2002, LL spoke in support of then New York Governor George Pataki’s third term. Pataki is a Republican and suffered a lot from not having the African-American votes. In the end, Pataki lost the gubernatorial race, but profusely thanked LL for his support.

Despite campaigning for a Republican in 2002, LL recently made comments showing sympathy for President Barack Obama. In an interview with Piers Morgan, LL expressed that he thought President Obama was being portrayed negatively in the media. He quickly followed that up by saying he wasn’t a Democrat or Republican and that he is an Independent. He admires the president for doing what everyone believed was impossible.

We believe LL Cool J is a leading man because he’s very outspoken, yet everyone relates to him. While some may not like his stance on certain issues, they have no choice but to respect it because everyone can tell LL Cool J isn’t putting on an act for the cameras. And in a time when reality is whatever you can concoct on the internet, it’s inspiring to see a man make decisions based on his own moral code and not what he can get out of the deal.


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