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In an interview with VLADTV, rapper Maino gives more insight into his confrontation with Atlanta rapper Trinidad James after the “All Gold Everything” rapper claimed that NY didn’t represent its own artists during a Converse event in Brooklyn, and added that the South runs New York music, which set the “Let it Fly” rapper off. Maino then explains what led to their phone conversation that was leaked online, and he reveals if he was the one who released the phone call online.

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“I was tweeting from a very comedic place,” he says of the Tweet about ‘brushing James’ teeth’ and ‘being his Huckleberry’. But feels Trinidad has not been forthright in his responses. “He went on Instagram and said ‘Maino wanna shoot me.’ Shooting? That’s a bit much. That’s for the police though. The hip-hop boys are on Twitter. That’s for them so when he do come they ain’t gonna let me on the block. That’s [his] tactic. ‘I’mma scream loud enough so y’all can hear me.’”

Maino reiterated that he was not simply being a bully and that he was looking for respect for his city, not for himself. When asked if he leaked the phone conversation between the two of them he didn’t deny it directly, but sought to clarify his position.

“I don’t think that guy is a bad guy and I think he’s smart,” he continues. “But I think he went to a place that he shouldn’t have and I wish he’d manned up a little bit more and apologized to my city. That doesn’t happen anywhere else. Am I bugging? Men don’t do that, artists don’t do that, giving 20 minute lectures about a city then asking ‘What you wanna do?…”

“We know we got our issues. We got issues in our city. Who the f*ck is you to get on a New York City stage and tell us what our issue are and then ask us what we wanna do about it?”

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