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There is a thing called “Chill” that seems to be in short supply nowadays, especially during times of mourning. Before most sites could click “publish” on their stories about fallen anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela there were people across the web bringing out the worst.

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From the fake Paris Hilton tweet to Morgan Freeman being mistaken for Mandela on Instagram there was growing proof that not everyone should own a computer–or Photoshop.

TheSmokingSection rounded up the worst offenders and told them to kneel on rice until they bleed. Well, maybe they didn’t but we sure would.

Seriously?  Brian the Dog from “Family Guy” with Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker? May your modem die from a mutant strain of digital chlamydia SEE MORE HERE.


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[UPDATE] Paul Walker Did Not Try To Escape The Car Crash Wreckage

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