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Two weeks ago Carol Bennett, Stevie J’s baby’s mother made startling accusations against the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star claiming he owes her 1.2 million in back child support for their two children . Her allegations countered our perception of the super producer we’ve seen very involved in his daughter Eva’s life on and off the popular show. Stevie’s Instagram page also paints a different picture than Carol’s “deadbeat dad” claim.

On October 31, 2013 Carol held a press conference where she revealed details stemming from a 1992 case. “He’s missed 168 payments,” she said in an interview with TheUrbanDaily.

With so much confusion looming, we spoke with Stevie, who smoothly denounced the rumors and gushed about his wife Joseline, married life and why the rest of the “Love & Hip Hop” cast members should annually send him Rolex watches and not the kind that tick!

HelloBeautiful: What’s the deal with your baby’s mother Carol Bennett calling you a deadbeat?

Stevie J: I’m a great father. Sometimes, women just go hard off their emotions and I understand that. I do right by my kids. And, what it is was, I can’t say too much about it. But, like in ’96, when I was a super producer, she was trying to get me for Kobe numbers, I was out of the country, and when I came back, it was an adjustment, so they went off of that and it just kept tallying up. I’ve been to court several times because of this. But, everything is under control. My kids love me, I love my children and all my baby mamas and I especially love my wife.

HelloBeautiful: Why do you think she went public with this information all of a sudden?

Stevie J: Everybody wanna get bank, you know what I’m sayin? It’s just all in timing. Everybody be patient, everybody gon’ get their shine.

HelloBeautiful: So once and for all, do you owe $1.2 million in child support?

Stevie J: No, I do not. Check them out on Instagram. Who they love? They daddy, right? Of course, their mothers too, but me and my kids have a great relationship, especially my daughters and my son. I was just with them two weeks before that.

HelloBeautful: Did this affect your relationship?

Stevie J: No, of course not. My wife loves me and we have a great relationship and nothing will ever change that.

HelloBeautful: ‘Wife’ is just rolling off your tongue nowadays. This is very mature of you…

Stevie J: It’s like this. When you find somebody that allows you to be yourself and you don’t have to change or adjust. Everybody adjusts when you’re in a relationship. We just sit, like, “ooh.’

HelloBeautiful: How’s married life treating you?

Stevie J: It’s got it’s ups and downs when you’re living with somebody. But, the house is big enough that I can get lost on her. She screams my name and she can’t find me sometimes cause I got my spots I just be hiding.

HelloBeautiful: What’s Stevie J been up to since we last since off on “Love & Hip Hop?

Stevie J: He’s focused on being that super producer again, being a great dad, being a great executive, being a better person. I know I’ve been an a** and I know that I haven’t made all the right decisions, but nobody is perfect. I’m just in a great place, I’m satisfied.

HelloBeautiful: What do you think about “Love & Hip Hop” NY?

Stevie J: If you got the answers to the test and wrote the exam, you can take it and pass it with flying colors. I respect everybody. I’m just responsible for creating a different lane and I’m grateful to be rocking in the game like I am. Shout out to Mona, shout out to Stephen. It’s just like growing…it’s beautiful. It’s just like every guy has been through what I’ve been through, but I had to lay it on the table. And, it happened how it happened and great things developed from mistakes. And, everybody’s developing. I feel like every Christmas, cats should give me rollies and stuff from these shows. Just give me a rollie that doesn’t tick. So make sure, if you guys are listening, just send me stuff.

HelloBeautiful: And the comparisons to Peter Gunz?

Stevie J: It’s no comparison. I got my career from where it began to now. 90 million records sold, 4 Grammys in, let’s not forget that. On top of being blessed to have the number one show on cable, the demographic is so large. With Peter Gunz, it’s no comparison. He’s doing his numbers, I’m doing mine. Go ahead and eat, Peter. Make some music from it, develop some things from it. God bless.

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