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Drugs in handYou give people an inch and they sure enough will try to take the whole damn mile. Since the legalization of marijuana is becoming an everyday conversation, people are getting a little lax in the way they hide their illegal vice. A couple in Oregon was recently arrested after they went to a restaurant and tipped their waitress with a package of meth. Yes, for real.


According to the local newspaper, The Daily Astorian, 40-year-old Ryan Bensen and his girlfriend Erica Manley found themselves behind bars after they allegedly left an envelope full of methamphetamine on the table as a tip once they finished dining at Twisted Fish Steakhouse. When the waitress discovered the envelope on the table, she immediately alerted police because all she knew was that there was a mystery substance inside of an envelope. Once police arrived on the scene, they determined it was meth. Upon further investigation, the police were able to track down the couple’s motel room and the vehicle they were driving.

The police searched the motel room and the vehicle and found more meth and some evidence that Bensen and Manley, 37, implied the couple was manufacturing the drug and had the intention of selling and delivering it to customers. The couple was taken into custody and was booked at the Clatsop County Jail.

Really?!?! You left drugs as a tip?! Whatever happened to leaving can or a tip o the credit card. I’m quite sure they didn’t pay the bill in meth so why pay the waitress like that. If you wanted to get creative with the tip, why not leave a lottery ticket or something. I mean seriously!



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