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The season finale of “Love & Hip Hop” NY aired last night and the only thing that made a lasting impression besides Peter Gunz boo-hooing about ruining his family so he could be selfish and marry his side piece, was Rich Dollaz ridiculous behavior. He’s a bird. No disrespect…kinda.

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Rich claimed that he and Erica Mena had sex following their run-in last week. She allegedly called him over and they did “it.” Fine. Whatever, the last time I or anyone I know wants to think about is doing it with Rich. However, it was his next actions that earned him the “bird” title. It’s clear that Rich had made up his mind long before going to Erica’s showcase because he desperately leaped at the opportunity to inform Erica’s girlfriend Cyn Santana of their alleged affair. After Cyn greeted him in a friendly and respectful manner and agreed to hash things out once and for all, things took a turn and Rich’s drunk a** started to show his true colors.

Rich is like that drunk girl who can’t hold her liquor and no one wants to be friends with a sloppy drunk. Anyhoo… Rich proceeded to drop hints about doing the horizontal mambo with Erica until Cyn finally addressed it. It took all of 2.2 seconds for Rich to spill the tea.

After knocking over the entire pot, he vowed to not let Erica or Cyn get the last word. Cyn, who did the right thing by confronting Erica rather than argue with Rich, waved him off. And then he went bizzerko-Barbie Doll. He stormed into the area where Erica and Cyn were having a shouting match, barked down security (who timidly backed down when Rich demanded he be let go) then began yelling and pointing in Cyn’s face. Bird behavior. No man should ever talk to a woman like that. Erica defended Cyn by pushing him out the way and he seemed ready to physically assault Cyn and Erica but was held back. So now you hit women?


After he and Erica tossed things at one another from across the room, he hurled the “b-word” at Cyn and threatened to release “pictures” on Erica that he said would be on the Internet tomorrow.


Yes, we blame Erica Mena for this entire mess, had she not been going back and fourth between her ex and current relationship, this probably would have never happened. But here’s an old cliche that remains relevant, “When people show you who they are, believe them”!


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