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Amara Enyia is a 30-year-old phenomenon. Enyia is a municipal consultant and community organizer, who is planning to run against the 55th mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel in the February 2015 mayoral race. I’ll be 30 in seven months and all of a sudden, I’m feeling a bit inadequate. Enyia tells, “The political system needs to be obliterated and we need something new and different. The status quo doesn’t work—at least, it doesn’t work for too many people. Now we have a unique opportunity to chart a new path.”

Enyia wants to bring compassion and care into the next mayoral race. She thinks Emanuel doesn’t care about the people of Chicago, “Rahm simply doesn’t care about these neighborhoods. He simply doesn’t care about the South and West Sides. These whole sections of the city are crumbling, but they’re completely out of the equation.”

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Mayor Emanuel’s camp is known for intimidating the competition and Enyia says she’s not scared. In fact, the administration’s culture of intimidation is a major reason she is so determined to run against and ultimately unseat him. “The city will never be as great as it can be unless we all grow together,” Enyia says. We’re rooting for you Amara Enyia!

About Amara Enyia:

Enyia does municipal consulting through the firm she founded, ACE Municipal Partners, in addition to continuing her work with community groups in Austin and other hard-hit Chicago neighborhoods, including Englewood and Roseland on the South Side. And in case you’re not impressed by Enyia’s laundry list of amazing things she’s doing, she also offers her thoughts on urban planning, culture, politics and global travel (she speaks Igbo, Portuguese, Spanish and French). And there’s a blog. Yes, Enyia has a blog called The Municipal Maven, that she runs on her leftover free time. And as a triathlete and marathon competitor, Enyia knows a thing or two about racing, but this mayoral race may well be her biggest yet.

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