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Obama and Biden at ACA Signing 2010

Saturday, the White House unveiled its Year Of Action Progress Report, which serves to highlight the maneuvers and political actions taken by President Barack Obama and the administration since the top of the year. In this year’s State Of The Union address, the president has promised to bring about true economic change for the long-suffering middle class and others looking for greater opportunities.

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Despite Republican opposition in Congress, President Obama has promised to use the power of his pen and phone to advance measures to help the American public. Despite some turbulent moments in his second and final term, the president has been moving ahead with his goal of strengthening the middle class.

The 28-page report offers a significant breakdown of all the actions starting on January 9 until April 9. Highlights of the report include the ConnectED Initiative, a $2 billion investment from the government to bolster e-learning by way of strong content and devices that can handle the incoming information.

In addition, the president publicly called to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.00 per hour, and signed an Executive Order making the hour rate mandatory for new federal contract workers. This move has sparked states such as Maryland and Connecticut to raise their state wages for federal contract workers. Businesses are following suit in the nationwide push to promote a living wage for all workers.

One of the president’s most recent actions is the promotion of jobs-driven training and the announcement of a competition-based $500 million community college training grant program to help connect students of today with the developing jobs of the future. $100 million is being committed to support apprenticeships in a variety of fields, and $150 million has been tasked to help the long-term unemployed reenter the workforce.

Download the Year Of Action Progress Report by following this link.

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