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Many have doubted the Indiana Pacers since the first round of the playoffs, but yesterday the team fulfilled their promise as they closed out the Washington Wizards in six games and will meet the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pacers have said the road to the NBA Finals wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t face the Heat to get there, the only question the Pacers need to ask themselves are they ready for the Heat.


Team Chemistry


Since the All-Star break, the Indiana Pacers haven’t played great basketball, almost playing  .500 entering the playoffs. The chemistry they once had in the beginning of the season changed midway. Rumors circulated of teammates not getting along, getting into fights and Roy Hibbert calling out his teammates selfish changed the dynamics of the team. The team has imploded even though they have made the conference finals. All faith is lost.


The Pacers Cant Be Trusted


The Pacers might have made it to the Conference finals but the journey there hasn’t been an easy one. In the first round, they were almost eliminated by number eight seed Atlanta Hawks. They were pushed to six games with the Washington Wizards. Showing they had problems with both teams during their journey. The Heat on the other hand swept the first round easily disposing of the Bobcats and only allowing the Brooklyn Nets to win one game. At no point in the playoff were the Heat pushed to the brink like Pacers, they won the games they were suppose to win.

The Roy Hibbert Factor


Roy Hibbert is not playing on the same level he was playing in last years playoffs. He’s not putting up the numbers a seven-foot center should be putting up.  There were stretches in the playoffs the big man put 0 points, 0 points, 0 points, 28 points, 14 points and adding several games of 0 rebounds. When you’re 7 feet grabbing rebounds should be  second nature.  The Pacers need their big man to be more consistent on both ends of the floor of they want to beat the heat.

Home Court Advantage


The Pacers fought all season for the home court advantage, so when they met the Miami Heat in the conference finals they would have the upper hand in the series. In the first two rounds of the playoffs the Pacers have already lost four games at home to the Hawks and Wizards. The last thing the Pacers want to do is give up home court advantage to the Heat as they are currently undefeated at home during the these playoffs.

The Champs


Until The Pacers beat the Heat in the playoff  we just have to give the nod to the Heat, after all they still the NBA champs.  Lebron is playing on top of game,  D. Wade seems to be back in full form and Chris Bosh has been a clutch player in the first two rounds. The Heat seems ready to advance to the NBA finals.

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