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In game two of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Dwyane Wade had a comeback game of sorts against the number seed the Indiana Pacers. He scored 23 points aiding LeBron James and the Heat to steal a game at Indiana with a terrific fourth quarter from the Heats superstars, tying the series. But we’re not here to talk about the actual game play between both teams but more about D-Wade’s after game attire, which was rather interesting.

Now D.Wade can wear whatever he wants, after all the guy is a multimillion dollar athlete, but what he decided to wear was more than interesting. One look and you will just ask yourself what is D.Wade wearing.

Just a few years ago Sports illustrated had D. Wade as one of the  best dress athletes in world, now he’s just copying what fashion he can find to be different.

At this point we’re not sure if Wade is just messing with us or is he serious with these fashion options he’s presented with, but one thing for sure he has everyone talking about his fashion game whether it be bad or good but its pure entertainment to see these laughable outfits he puts together.

Take a look at D. Wade’s misses in the fashion department.

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