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For weeks now, we’ve been hearing about this “brawl” that took place on the set of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion show. Of course the cameras continued to roll through every last bit of it but we digress.

This spazz out was so terrible that we don’t understand how VH-1 can even consider employing certain members of the cast any further as a lawsuit seems entirely too possible if they do.

This was so much more than the usual Love & Hip Hop foolishness. And to be very honest it was painful to watch. This is far past the lines of entertainment, someone is really going to get hurt if responsible adults don’t stop this here and now.

Take a look at the unhinged behavior in the video below!



Was it just us…or did anyone else silently wish Deb Antney had taken off her shoe and started sending folks off to their rooms? She seemed to be the only adult in the vicinity at one point and was probably the voice of reason for the rest of the day from what we could see.

There was ZERO CONCERN shown for Kelina who was super pregnant! What if that mess would have caused her some sort of trauma or complications? No one ever addressed it at all! If we were her, that lack of concern from certain people would have been speaking to us in a major way.

The cast continuously discussed substance abuse  on the part of some of the stars of the show. This makes higher ups look crazy out here because they know there are issues like this going on within their cast and instead of getting these people the help they clearly need, they continue to prop them up and shove them out in front of the cameras for ratings.

It’s beyond disturbing at this point and something has to change before it’s too late.




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