Oh boy! Just when you thought RNB singer Tank was the one with the brains in TGT, he up and says something that may end up being what defines his career for a lifetime. Big mistake…huge!

According to Vlad TV, Tank took to his Twitter account to ask a question about the perceived hate that he feels darker skinned black women have for lighter skinned black women. To this very second we can’t for the life of us understand WHY?!

Tank started off by saying,

“I have an honest question. What do dark skinned women have against light skinned women?.. Aren’t we all black at the end of the day?? “

It didn’t get any better from there!

Take a look at what the crooner had to say in the tweets below!

Image: Tank

Image: Tank

Image: Tank

Image: Tank

Image: Tank








Wait…wait…wait a minute! Tank couldn’t have thought that was going to go over well could he? Was he expecting to be able to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony over a coke or something after saying such foolishness? We’re starting to wonder if Tyrese has too much influence over this group man!

Check out some of the backlash that came to his Twitter mentions below!

Image: dream hampton

Image: Desus

Image: Desus

Image: Dana

Image: Banana

Image: SG

Image: Christopher Smith

Image: Mz Dee RRT

Image: Will

Image: A

The fallout from this will be felt for a long time to come! The next time Tank thinks about keeping it real, we suggest he watch some old Chappelle Show reruns so he can remember what happens when keeping it real goes WRONG!



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