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Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, has donated $25 Million dollars to the fight against the Ebola virus. When asked why he took it upon himself to donate instead of allowing the US government to handle the situation, Zuckerburg had this to say:

“I think we have a responsibility to help out wherever we see a need.

One problem right now is that most people — including government leaders — don’t realize we’re at such a critical turning point. It’s easy to say Ebola is still small compared to other diseases or that it’s mostly in other countries and won’t affect us, but if we don’t get this under control soon, then it will spread and become an epidemic we have to deal with for decades to come.

Spending $25 million to help get this under control now is very little cost compared to all the lives it could save and all the billions of dollars of costs we’d have to spend fighting the disease if it spread much further.”

Good to see the wealthy put their influence and resources to good use.


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