Teairra Mari Tries To Socks Sincere, Lil Fizz’s Girl Isn’t That Into Him & More

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Chile, where do we start?

Last night on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” we watched Teairra Mari take to the stage with a live band for the first time in what we’re assuming was…years. Mari met up with well-known promoter Miss Diddy LA and a pompous overdressed Sincere, who made it abundantly clear he was ready to turn up for the cameras by insulting Mari with every sentence. Sincere and Miss Diddy agreed to let Mari perform at the venue they were promoting with hopes that she would prove her vocal abilities to the LA crowd. Instead, Mari’s rusty pipes proved to be problematic as she struggled through her performance. A couple of cats died a horrible death.

After her embarrassing performance. Sincere wasted no time jumping down her throat. He suggested she get in the gym because she’s put on weight since her last hit single and work on her vocals. Mari, understandably, grew upset. Sincere was just doing too much. In true Mari fashion, she tried to sock him in the face. Security intervened before her fist could connect with his face, but the damage was done. Mari had lived up to her cantankerous reputation.

Moving on.

In the next scene, Morgan met up with Yesi, who offered her a position on the red carpet at a huge entertainment event that Ray J would be attending. Of course, Morgan didn’t use the common sense God gifted her with and actually tell Ray she would be taking the day off as his assistant and working on her own project which all lead to a fallout with Ray J that escalates to police involvement next week.

On the other side of town, Fizz’s girlfriend, Amanda, was proving just how much she just wasn’t into Fizz — only he can’t figure it out. While driving home from the sneaker store, Amanda received a call from a Miami restaurant, confirming her attendance. Relevance? Earlier in the episode, Fizz revealed Amanda cheated on him and had an entire apartment in Miami where she conducted her romps. Girl, bye. Fizz, drop that zero and get with a hero!

Meanwhile, Nikki met up with Masika to get to the bottom of her affair with Mally Mal. It turns out, Mali lied to Nikki. No sh*t?! Nikki and her mother, who looks very much like Morticia from “The Adams Family,” grilled Mally during dinner *pun intended* where he confessed to telling Masika he loved her.

The show ended with Nikki tossing the purple bouquet of roses Mally brought her out the front door.

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