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The streets are talking right now and according to Hip Hollywood, Apollo Nida‘s alleged snitching to the Feds is what they’re talking about! Reports are flourishing throughout the internets that Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast member Peter Thomas was supposedly betrayed by Nida.

Outlets are claiming that Thomas is the one that Apollo snitched to the Feds about and that he was arrested Wednesday night in connection with Apollo’s case!

As we’ve previously reported, Apollo was recently sent away to a much bigger house than he was building with his estranged ex-wife Phaedra Parks upon receiving an 8 year sentence for a plethora of fraud counts.

But sources tell HipHollywood, that Nida wore a wire and got Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter caught up in some mess. Thomas was supposedly arrested in Atlanta on Wednesday as a result of those recorded convos!

Now, we don’t know if this is true or not but in the event that it is…wow! This entire time people were laser focused on Phaedra being the one to take an L from the alleged snitching that Apollo reportedly took part in to get a drastically reduced sentence.

We can not begin to imagine what it will be like on the set of RHOA if these allegations are true and if Peter really is hemmed up as a result of hanging out with Apollo! Furthermore, we imagine the folks over at Bravo will be doing back flips. RHOA has amazing numbers without the fraud cases so we have to assume their numbers would get even better if this really did go down!

But remember there are two sides to every story and this could all just be more thirsty people running their mouths for the sake of getting attention. So, we must make sure Peter gets his chance to speak on it either way before we rush to judge guys! In fact…let’s just hope that’s exactly what it is!

But if it isn’t…and Thomas really was arrested over this thing tonight…oh buddy…it just got REAL!




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