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Reality TV’s never-ending Monday night saga continues on, with Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘s 11th episode. This week we started off kinda rough, picking up with Morgan consoling Nia over her recent miscarriage. Visibly shaken, the young Riley spoke on her struggles with telling Soulja Boy about the situation and how he chose to handle it thereafter. The couple eventually met up in the studio to talk about what happened and the current state of their relationship, which looks to be on the rocks.


And we know that when we’re discussing rough situations, Hazel-E isn’t far behind. The aspiring rapper is seen in the studio working on a new song, which sounds exactly like the Yung Berg-produced record…coincidence? Running out of friends and willing listeners, she decides to vent to her new producer about her various frustrations. Shortly after the conversation, she decides to reach out to Teirra to make peace. The two former-friends exchange each of their beefs with one another and attempt to come to a common ground. However, Hazel boldly requests that the R&B songstress NOT do the record with Berg, which didn’t go over so well.


But Hazel wasn’t the only person whom Teirra was busy with, as she tries her hand at match-maker with Nikki and Fizz. Finding a sort of common bond in heartbreak, the two hit it off and decide to plan a date. Completely enamored with her surgeons craftsmanship, the former B2k star has seemingly found a way to move passed his ex-girl Amanda. But before sparks can fly too far into never-never land, he and Moniece meet up to talk about their son Cameron. The former couple engage in a shouting match reminiscent of Jodie and Yvette — without the sex and tacos ending.


However, one conversation that did end in a unique fashion was that of Ray J and his girlfriend Princess. After meeting with his parents, Willy Ray Norwood Jr. linked up with his sister Brandy, who advised him to get rid of the disloyal women in his life and to change his environment. This then led to a dinner discussion between Ray and Princess, which was intended to put an end to their bickering. But of course, things got a little heated when Morgan’s name came up at the table. Next thing you know, drinks are flying, curse words used, and someone gets tossed into the pool.


See for yourself.


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