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The California Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that Michael Jackson’s family could not reopen its wrongful death case against AEG Live.  In 2013, the court decided that AEG Live was not liable for The King of Pop’s death in 2009.  Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, sued AEG Live for $1.5 billion in damages, stating that it was AEG Live’s fault that Conrad Murray had been hired to provide medical care for the pop star.

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for his role in administering Jackson the lethal dosage of Propofol that ultimately ended his life.  However, the court decision stated that, because Murray was an independent contractor and not a direct employee of AEG Live, the company could not be held responsible for his hiring or the events that took place that led to Michael Jackson’s death.  Jackson’ family appealed for a new trial, but that request was denied in 2014.

Could this latest ruling may mean the end of legal proceedings between the Jackson family and AEG Live?

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