Starship God

What the WHAT? In “are you freaking kidding me news”, according to The Jasmine Brand, a rapper  by the name of Starship God, who claims to be in the Hip Hop group Richgang, is alleging that he had consensual sexual activity with Cash Money head honcho Birdman in order to get a record deal!

Stop looking at your screen like that! This is not April so we are not fooling you! Take a look at the video of his “admission” below!

WARNING….the language used in the video is very graphic and in no way is it intended for all audiences!

Not to mention this same guy StarshipGod was spotted kissing another alleged Rich Gang affiliate Chase God on the lips and then screaming out “Bird(man) loves us, he loves us!”

Again we say…whet? There have been rumors floating for more than a decade about Baby and his preferences. But this is different. We’re not really sure what prompted this guy to say what he’s saying…and there is no way to know if there is any validity to what is coming out of his mouth either.

But…we will say this much, if he thinks this is funny or it is a joke of some kind…we’re pretty sure that he is going to find out sooner than later how not funny all of this is.

If he wants attention we’re positive this was not the way to get it. We don’t really think it was about attention seeking though. But again how can anyone besides he and Baby know the truth? They really can’t.

If he is being serious…then he is either very brave or very crazy because the repercussions for saying this sort of stuff could be worse than anything we care to imagine. We don’t want to see anything bad happen on either side of this equation.

Either way…we surely hope everyone remains calm because the last thing Hip Hop needs in the world is more violence.

Guess we just have to stay tuned.

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