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We’re back once again with another hilarious episode of #NoFilter! This week, we’re taking a deeper look into Raven-Symone‘s historic discovery, Amber Rose‘s glorious posterior, and Karreuche Tran‘s life fixing experience with Iyanla Vanzant.

Here are a few of the many hilarious quotes from the third installment:

1. Rae Holliday – “She said it in a way that was so matter-of-factly like, you n*****s don’t know that it’s seven continents in Africa, but I do!”

It seems like we’ve all been wrong this entire time. Rae points out the brilliance that is Raven-Symone, who just cleared up so many geographical inaccuracies.


2. Alzo Slade – “We just went back to 1850-something…as if there was no Africa or Europe back then. So now you’ve got TWO fools having a conversation.”

While Alzo wasn’t being swayed by the intellectual wizardry of Raven-Symone, it seems as though the person interviewing her, was.


3. Cory Townes – “You can have dimples on both cheeks. It’s Lit!”

Photoshop or not, the son of Jazzy Jeff saw nothing wrong with his Philadelphia native’s backside. As you can see in the video, he wasn’t alone.


4. Alzo Slade – “She looks like a young Chevy Chase in the face, dog.”

Yikes! The Grits & Biscuits founder might be okay with the body, but Amber’s face isn’t something he’s too interested in.


5. Skoob – “Sometimes you need inspiration…My d**k is inspiring! You’re here!”

When weighing in on Chris Brown’s promiscuous ways, TUD’s Franchise Editor gives his take on just how Breezy came up with an excuse for how cheating can happen.



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