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It seemed like the west was gonna be a sweep by game 4, but the Houston Rockets extended their postseason on Monday by forcing a game 5. The game on Wednesday was close early on, but as some were expecting Houston suffered a collapse and the Golden State Warriors booked a ticket out of the western conference. For the first time in 40 years, the team from Oakland was headed to the finals.

Things were looking good for Houston in the beginning, and then in the second half everything fell apart. James Harden went the entire second half without scoring, and broke a record of 13 turnovers in a elimination game. To make things worse, Lil B was at the game and got to witness Harden’s struggles firsthand. You could not make this up if you tried. Dwight Howard had a good game, but then started throwing elbows like in game 4 but avoided ejection. Overall, it was an ugly way for the Rockets to go out.

Stephen Curry and the team were able to survive the bruises suffered in this series and celebrate victory in the Western Conference Finals. For one person though, this was probably a bittersweet moment. Mark Jackson played a big role in turning the Warriors into championship material, and the team’s defeat last year was not his fault. For him to have to provide commentary to this series and watch the team he helped to transform into champions, he must have felt torn about this. Despite seemingly fighting tears on the air, he kept it classy and gave props to Steve Kerr.

The finals are now a week away. The showdown between Golden State and Cleveland begins in Oakland on June 4th.


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