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Rikers Island Entrance

Source: Emmanuel Dunand/ Staff / Getty

This story is straight out of ‘Prison Break,’ only it’s the real-life version.

Richard Matt and David Sweat are two convicted murderers who have reportedly escaped from a maximum-security prison in upsate New York, close to the Canadian border. The move was apparently a pre-meditated one because the men duped the guards by rearranging sweatshirts with blankets to look like a body was sleeping in a bed. (Somebody is in trouble because aren’t prisoner checks usually done where inmates have to verbal respond?)

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According to reports, the men likely escaped either Friday night or Saturday morning using power tools and a ruse to drill their way out of their steel cells. They then found a way to climb over the prison’s 30-foot wall, and most likely, made a run for it.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told ABC on Saturday that an investigation will be open into the incident but the first priority is to capture the killers. While we certainly agree, we also have a few questions: How are such tools readily available in a prison? And are you sure that you don’t have a rat among the prison security because surely someone should have heard them?

Either way, lock your doors at night everyone.


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