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Smiling Red Pit Bull Terrier

Today in WTF news, police in Florida say a woman has confessed to having sex with her pit bull and capturing the sick moment in a series of selfies.

Ashley Miller told investigators that she coaxed her dog, “2 face,” into licking her vagina 30-40 times over the past five years. The 18-year-old also confessed to making her previous dog perform oral sex on her as well. When she wanted to have sex, she’d lock herself in her bedroom, remove her clothing and call her dog over.

Miller has been charged with two counts of sexual activities involving animals after investigators in Brandon, Florida discovered the puppy porn photos on her phone, hidden in two folders titled “2-face fun” and “Me.”

The dog showed no signs of injury when a vet checked her out. Miller is scheduled for arraignment next month.

SOURCE: Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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