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Abortion Law

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Morning, gorgeous! Here’s today’s stories just for you.

Supreme Court Keeps Texas Abortion Clinics Open

After a legal battle between the state and abortion providers over requirements for clinics to have certain medical equipment to stay open, the Supreme Court has voted 5 to 4 for ten of the abortion clinics in question to stay open. The legal requirements first took effect in 2013, causing 41 abortion clinics to shut down, leaving women in the state significantly less options for the procedure. Read more at the New York Times.

Christie Joins The Presidential Rat Race 

NJ Governor Christie is back at his old high school today to announce his bid in the 2016 presidential elections. This is somewhat of a surprising announcement, as many were concerned that the controversy over sabotaged transit in New Jersey last year would hurt his chances in the race. Let’s see if voters are more receptive to his ideas now that he’s lived it down a bit. Read more at ABC News.

Greece Misses Its Deadline For Paying Off IMF Debt 

Today, Greece’s bailout from the IMF expires and the country still owes $1.8 billion in debt. Banks have currently closed to bar people from taking out all of their money while Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is pleading residents to vote against an upcoming referendum from the nation’s creditors to regulate the country’s spending. Read more at NPR.

Justice Department: Ferguson Response Breached Free Speech

Ferguson is still getting poor reviews in its methods of interacting with and managing the public in times of crisis. The Justice Department is announcing that the city was inconsistent and unlawful towards residents’ rights to free speech at the time of the Michael Brown shooting. The department also stated that the town did not do a sufficient job of informing residents on the shooting situation, that its response to residents was overly violent and that “vague and arbitrary” orders illegally inhibited people’s right to assembly and protest. Read more at the St. Louis-Dispatch.

Islamic State Beheads Four Civilians For Witchcraft

ISIS has beheaded women for the first time in Syria, according to a group monitoring the war. Both women were beheaded alongside their husbands for sorcery. This is just one of their latest attacks; the terrorist group has a history of beheading and torturing civilians, especially journalists, aid workers and enemy fights for defying their beliefs on Islamic law. Read more at Reuters.

French Man To Face Terror Charges After Beheading His Boss

The man who recently attempted to blow up a gas plant after cutting off his boss’ head is being investigated on terrorism charges, according to the French chief  public prosecutor. The man put the head on a fence and posed for a selfie with it before sending it Islamist militant contacts in Syria. The man insists that his acts were personally motivated by issues with his employer and his wife as opposed to influence from Islamist militants. Read more at Reuters.

David Sweat Says His Accomplice Slowed Him Down, Left Him Behind

#Shade. David Sweat was keeping it 100 when probed about splitting up from the other infamous escaped convict that has been making headlines these past few days, Richard Matt. Sweat said that Matt was becoming an issue because not only was Matt considerably older, but he was developing extreme blisters on his feet that caused him to slow down. Sweat and Matt originally planned to leave for Mexico, but sacrificed their original plan to go to Canada instead and were caught before they could reach the border. Read more at People.

Justices Decide Voters Can Draw Their Own Election District Lines

Another one of the Supreme Court’s latest decisions could have a major impact on results in upcoming elections. Justices just declared in a 5 to 4 vote that residents concerned about partisan gerrymandering can now start using independent commisions to redraw their own voting districts. The goal is to combat unfair election results from districts being overly skewed in party lines. Read more at the Washington Post.


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