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This sounds a little odd, but apparently recently deceased Bobbi Kristina had a history of falling asleep in bathtubs.

The 22-year-old passed away at a Georgia hospice care facility on Sunday, after being found unconscious and face down in a bathtub back in January. But new reports claim this is not the first time she “fell asleep” while taking a bath.

TMZ reports:

Bobbi Kristina got extremely drunk the night before her mom died, fell asleep in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and flooded the room … and it could be critical evidence in the homicide investigation.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Bobbi was partying with Whitney Houston at the Beverly Hilton bar and got drunk and unruly. Bobbi Kristina went up to her room, drew a bath and fell asleep in the tub … intoxicated. By the time she woke up there was water everywhere.

Sources tell TMZ, attorney Jose Baez, who reps Bobbi’s BF Nick Gordon, knows about the incident and will use it to convince prosecutors Nick did nothing wrong … that she simply took too many drugs and did the same thing she did at the hotel with fatal results.

The night Whitney Houston was found dead in her own tub, Bobbi was “rushed to the hospital for acute alcohol poisoning. Whitney’s PR team said it was for exhaustion, but law enforcement tells us it was excessive alcohol consumption,” the site goes on to say.

While authorities attempt to figure out what really caused Bobbi Kristina’s death, the Houston and Brown families are already fighting over her money.

According to Radar Online:

The Houston family is planning to fight the Brown family for “every last penny” of Whitney Houston‘s money now that her daughter Bobbi Kristina has passed away, has exclusively learned.

Bobbi Kristina’s Uncle Gary Houston was heartbroken by her death, but he and his wife, Pat Houston, are prepared to fight the Brown family for Whitney’s money, a source told Radar.

“The Houstons do not believe that the Brown family deserves any of Whitney’s money,” the source revealed. “The Houstons are prepared to go to court over the money,” the source said. “They are going to make sure that it doesn’t wind up in the hands of the Browns.”

Is it just us, or is it a little soon to be arguing over Bobbi Kristina’s money? It’s also very suspicious that both Whitney Houston and her daughter died the same way.

We’ll continue to keep you updated.

SOURCE: TMZ, Radar Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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