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Shia LaBeouf has had an interesting life since ending his hit Disney Show Even Stevens back in 2003, and reaching new heights after leading roles in Holes and Transformers.

Shia’s latest slip-up happened while in Austin: the 29-year-old went on a profanity-ridden rant, referred to an officer as a “silly man,” and even threatened to attack him, TMZ reports.

According to police documents, the officer initially confronted Shia for one of the smallest infractions possible: jaywalking. However, the cop then noticed that Shia was inebriated due to his slurred speech and the smell of alcohol.

Shia wasn’t having any of it and suggested the APD should let him go with a warning— which is what the LAPD apparently does because they killed a friend of his. When he realized the cops weren’t buying his story, Shia became more annoyed, and then flipped out when onlookers began to film him. He subsequently tried to attack the person filming him, but the officer intervened. Shia’s next big idea? He told the cop he was a member of the National Guard and yelled, “Do whatever the f**k you gotta do!”

The L.A. officer did what he had to do: arrest LaBeouf. Shia, who’s been to rehab, was involved in a similar situation last year— he was arrested after acting crazy at a Broadway play.


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