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Another day, another cop doing something totally uncalled for…or just weird.

A Maryland police officer is no longer with the force after just a few months on the job after being accused of biting another man’s testicles during an alcohol-fueled brawl on Cinco de Mayo in Baltimore. Michael Flaig was off-duty when another man grabbed and straddled him. To get the man to stop, Flaig decided to bite the guy’s testicles. The victim also accused Flaig of groping his female friend.

The 31-year-old ex-cop was convicted of public intoxication and endangering the safety of another person. He was initially facing 10 years in jail, but was not prosecuted on a more serious second-degree assault charge.

According to his lawyer, Peter O’Neill, more serious charges were not pursued because his client agreed to plead guilty.

“The incident isn’t as clear-cut as it would appear,” O’Neill told the Capital Gazette. “From his perspective, he was attempting to defend himself. He admitted the behavior he engaged in did result in the disturbance of the peace, but that’s all he conceded.”

Let’s just all try to keep our hands to ourselves and our balls where they should be.

SOURCE: NY Daily News | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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