FULL STORY HERE! With back to school right around the corner it was a pleasant surprise for parents with children to receive free hair cuts and school supplies when they arrived to discuss many topics in an open forum with local law enforcement dubbed Clippers & Cops. …..CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY  

ATL Police Department’s own “Ty” Dennis spear heads another successful open forum for the community to vent and search for answers and action with local authorities. The main subject of this edition of The Cops & Clippers Tour was “keeping teens safe during police interaction and from neighborhood gun violence”. One young man shared his […]

https://twitter.com/FinallyAaron/status/780867961611489282 Social Media erupted on Tuesday after a Snapchat screenshot went viral, showing a police officer in uniform with text that included a racial slur. Pennsylvania officer Melissa Adamson has been fired after a offensive photo which read, “I’m the law today n**gas” made it’s rounds on the internet. The insensitive pic reportedly cost her two jobs […]

It’s been about a year since Tory Lanez, rapper behind the number one hit “Say It,” first came to the studio to visit “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show!” He talks about the cinematic quality of his album, and talks about his city of Toronto in comparison to life in the United States. He remarks on the […]

Coffee Anderson, musician, took to Facebook with a very informative video on how to stay safe when getting pulled over. Stay away from all appearances of evil, and the very God of peace will satisfy you wholly.                      1 Thessalonians 5:22

The rapper was arrested in Atlanta today for driving with a suspended license.

Another day, another cop doing something totally uncalled for...or just weird.

A Florida woman accused of speeding through a school zone shocked a Palm Beach County police officer when she insulted him during the stop.

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Wiz Khalifa had a rough encounter with the police at LAX, and video showed once again, how quick police are to use force.

Fresh tension has arisen between St. Louis, Missouri residents and police officers following a shooting on Wednesday morning that has left yet another black teen…

Jayceon “The Game” Taylor has been formally charged after getting into an altercation with an off-duty police officer during a casual basketball game at a…