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Last month, The Game issued a word a warning to Slim Jesus during an interview with Complex.

“I think that Slim Jesus either really better be f-cking killing or he’s gonna get his ass smoked,” The Game said. “I worry about kids these days rapping about things that they’re not really about. I mean it’s cool, it’s dope, I saw Slim Jesus and I thought he was cool. I was like, ‘Sh-t, there’s a White boy with f-cking guns and he’s ready to f-cking kill sh-t.’”

The Game later added: “I think it’s sad because lives can be lost when playing those games. Be careful, Slim Jesus.”

Now, during a recently published interview with AllHipHop, Slim Jesus offered up a response to The Game’s advice.

“The Game thing, I respected his whole little video because he even said, ‘It was cool when I saw it, just you should watch your back. You should watch yourself about it.’ Which is true,” the Hamilton, Ohio rapper says. “There are definitely people out there throwing threats out here and there [saying] that I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing but it’s whatever. People are gon’ do that.”

Slim Jesus also took the opportunity to decry rumors that stated he was doing a mixtape titled Chiraq Savage.

“Let’s make something clear real quick,” Slim Jesus says before continuing, “I never once said anything about doing a mixtape called Chiraq Savage. Somebody wanted to throw that out there and claim that I was making a mixtape called that [but] no. I never said nothing about none of that. That was one thing that started a little beef but it’s whatever.”

Slim Jesus’ interview with AllHipHop can be viewed below:


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