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Jeezy has literally seen it all and with his next studio album scheduled to drop this weekend, he’s planning on delivering a new message to the hustlers everywhere with “Church In These Streets”.

Now with an album title as sensitive as this one, the trap legend has been receiving some backlash from the media. But in this exclusive interview with the Durtty Boyz of Hot 107.9 days before the album release, Jeezy explains his testimony. The rapper shared a shocking story about recovering from losing his voice, how he has evolved as an artist and Minister Farrakhan’s influence on his life.

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Watch The Full Interview Below:

On What Inspired The New Album ‘Church On The Streets’:

I had an incident happened which I had nothing to do with. They incarcerated me and eventually I got exonerated but I didn’t understand why this happened to me. It made me angry but it also made me fearless. But I had a lot of time to think. It made me want to be responsible for my actions and I just wanted to share the truth with the streets…I wanna let them know what it really is…. No matter how high you get on the ladder, they’re gonna always try to bring you back down…If I can’t leave you with something, then what is my purpose of doing music?

On What The Biggest Misconception Is:

When I came in this game, I came in one way. But that don’t mean that ‘s how I’m gonna be forever…But with anything, everybody gotta grow. I think people dont understand that. If Biggie and Pac were still here, we don’t know what they would have became. They were just cheated out of their time. I’m just one of the people who got pass that point. Now you’re seeing the evolution of being great. 

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