The Durtty Boyz

“Who Got Your Nights On Lock, Yo DURRTY!” Relentless in pursuing the endeavors of his unknown future, born in a city that birthed and matured a diversification of talent and living up to the successes of others before him, J-Nicks decided to tread his own trail while becoming a fearless example for the next generation. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, J-Nicks at an early age made his mark on the entertainment scene hosting events and riding the reigns of other St. Louis artists such as Nelly, Murphy Lee and the St. Lunatics. St. Louis, a city known for its intricate details in architecture that attracts an impeccable amount of tourist yearly also has it stint with violence. Determined not to fall prey to his environment, J-Nicks came up with a plan that still has him on the fast track of success today. At the age of sixteen, J-Nicks had a confident demeanor and unique personality that could excite a crowd. He was asked to host major parties on the social scene in St. Louis. J-Nicks, especially at a young age, had already reached a level of success and gained respect in the cut throat St. Louis world of entertainment. His due diligence paid off when he was approached by programming director, Mic Fox and radio personality DJ Wrekk 1 from what was then known as Q 95.5, a major Hip Hop station in St. Louis. He was hired to voice commercials for the live shows on the station. His start with Q 95.5 was short lived due to programming changes but his talent set him up for a major comeback and opportunity to host his own show on 100.3 The Beat. Music and its ability to connect people to the artist was a factor that made J-Nicks fall in love with Hip Hop and his job as a radio personality. Breaking hits for underground artist and allowing people to see the life of artists through lyrics sparked something in him that he had been keeping to himself. Time had come for J-Nicks, just like any business professional, to figure out his next step. As a visionary of his own dream, J-Nicks never stopped working towards his goal. Auditioning, networking with other people already in the position he wished to be and taking odd jobs in hopes that it would put him one step closer. He felt as though his hard work had paid off when he was presented with an opportunity to host Rap City on the BET television network. Often times a title determines the ultimate level of success for a person, but not for J-Nicks. While hosting Rap City, J-Nicks accepted a position as a radio personality for Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, Georgia. He had a grueling schedule flying between tapings for BET and his Hot 107.9 radio show. The Durrty Boyz show is now the highest rated radio show in Atlanta, Georgia for the 6:00pm-10:00pm time slot. The opportunity with BET allowed people to put a face with a voice. He was being noticed in a major way and not as the home town, hard working party host. His hustle was starting to pay off for his good. Not only can he demand ratings for a radio station, he could also add television to his resume’. What could possibly be next for someone with such talent? Blazing a successful trail during the prime of his youth, using his voice to impact a crowd and hosting a show on a major radio station and television network was not enough for J-Nicks to slow down. He recognized his talent and was about to use every bit of what he had in him to get as far as he could. Little did the world know, there was a dream maturing inside of him that he was about to unleash. Secretly wanting to express himself as an artist, J-Nicks made the ultimate decision to let the world hear and love his music. A few years earlier, actor and Grammy Award winning rap artist Ludacris worked for Hot 107.9. Ludacris ventured out and started his own record label; Disturbing Tha Peace and signed himself as an artist to his own label. If it had been done before, J-Nicks knew that he could make it work for himself as well. J-Nicks and a childhood friend, decided to make the journey together. Establishing themselves as a group, they wrote creative lyrics and sexy anthems that the women embraced instantly. Looking up to established artists such as, Diddy, a man that sees a vision and makes it happen, Jay Z, a man that has stood the test of time in a doggy dog industry, Cash Money’s Baby, a man that has built careers for individuals that people would have wrote off due to obstacles in their lives and Rick Ross a strong business man in his own right, J-Nicks decided to emulate some of what they had to offer a young business man in the industry and make it work for him. Success was inevitable. Studio time, writing time and creative brainstorming soon became a hassle within the group. Their creative visions were going in separate directions. They had come to a point in which a decision had to be made. Do they remain as a group and enlighten people with their individual talents or go their own ways? The group eventually split and J-Nicks was left to revamp his image and take a shot at being a solo artist. Alter-ego Stuey Rock was created with the intention of having his craft be a totally different entity from his job as a radio personality and television host. As Stuey Rock, he is able to live life and to be free. With his music he is determined to go against the grain. He doesn’t want to be put in a category or to create a specific genre of music. He wants to be able to express himself freely and to put to paper whatever flows from his mind the moment he’s embrace by the walls of the studio. With four previous mix-tapes and one on the way as Stuey Rock, he is strengthening his name as an underground artist. When asked, how do you feel about the setbacks you’ve faced in your career? Stuey Rock said, “I’ve embraced everything that I’ve gone through. Not one thing or obstacle has been a setback. Every situation has propelled me forward in my career and if it were not for those things I’ve been through, I wouldn’t be able to tackle the challenges that follow me as a solo artist.” As an artist, his journey began with creating unique choruses for other artists already established in the game but J-Nicks is now “So Good” as Stuey Rock. “So Good” is the current single hitting the airways in Atlanta, Georgia and across the country real soon.