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Taylor Swift just fulfilled a wish for a Swiftie, and it’s a huge deal.

When the fan, Jorja, found out that she would eventually lose her hearing, she was distraught that eventually she’d be unable to listen to Taylor’s music. Her twin sister felt her pain and helped her hear Taylor sing live and even meet the pop star.

When she was 12-years-old, Jorja was diagnosed with a condition that causes progressive inner-ear hearing loss. Her sister, Chloe, took to Facebook and created a page called “Help Jorja Meet Taylor Swift in Sydney.” The page went viral and got even more attention when a Sydney radio station picked up the story and got Jorja a meet and greet with Taylor.

When Jorja finally met Taylor she couldn’t get over how beautiful she was, saying, “She was very, very amazing and very pretty.” She added, “I didn’t expect her to be as tall as she was.”

With receiving such a huge gift, Jorja felt the need to return the favor and gave Taylor a pair of Australia‘s famous boots: Uggs.

SOURCE: Mashable, Maitland And Mercury | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform


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