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Artists typically perform overseas where they often times have an even bigger fan base than in the U.S. Nicki Minaj is probably busy packing her clothes and wigs for her 14 hour flight to Angola. The rapper is scheduled to perform on Saturday at the Boas Festas (Christmas Concert) presented by communications company, Unitel.

Angola is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with it’s infinite supply of oil and diamonds but it’s also one of the most corrupt countries. The President, José Eduardo dos Santos has ruled the country since 1979 and his daughter is part owner of the organization coordinating the festivities.

According to The NY Times, Angola is the “deadliest country in the world for kids and the government recently cut the health care budget by 30%.”

Less than 50% of it’s residents have access to dentists or doctors. Many of the hospitalized children have treatable conditions including malnourishment and malaria. However adequate training isn’t provided to the nurses and native doctors are hard to come by.

The Human Rights Foundation has publicly pleaded with the rapper not to perform in a country that would otherwise disrespect and quite possibly imprison her for having an opinion against the government.

“During their brutal three-decade authoritarian rule, the dos Santos family has exploited Angola’s diamond and oil wealth to amass an illegitimate fortune while maintaining control over all branches of the government, the military, and civil society.”

“Artists such as yourself are not allowed to freely express their opinions in Angola, where criticizing the government is a crime punishable with fines and imprisonment. said Thor Halvorssen, President of The Human Rights Foundation in an open letter.

The letter also stated that Nicki’s payment for her performance would be from illegal funds obtained from government corruption and human rights violations.

Nicki has been promoting the concert on her Instagram page and where she’s also received requests from Angola natives not to come to the country.

“I am Angolan and I ask you please not to perform in my country. In this moment there are province that people are dying without water…If you decide to go, give slap in our government helping those people who is dying. Thanks and I love you” commented marionel1106

“I am from Angola and I would like to ask you not to perform there. My country is sick. Artists are kept in prison by the corrupt regime. They may pay you lots of money they should give to education and medical care…The richness is only for a few lucky groups of people. Opposition is kept still by threats and human rights are not respected” added juaercia

Nicki tweeted out an indirect response to the backlash, “Every tongue that rises up against me in judgement shall be condemned.”

Being a wealthy celebrity does not excuse Nicki Minaj from being cognizant of current events. Artists typically shy away from wanting to be called ‘role models’ but it’s almost inevitable to have young men and women look up to her and long for similar success. While she clearly has a fan base in Angola and she’ll probably be amongst the lap of luxury while performing in the country, it seems a little negligent on her part not to get in front of this controversial story and announce that she’ll be doing something to give back to the less fortunate while she’s there.

At what point is making money more important that having morals?



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