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Chile, now you know when Peter St. is trending on Instagram it’s because they are filming Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!

The Shaderoom posted a video of some woman bucking at Joseline Hernandez while kissing and hugging all on Stevie J at the same time. Who dis woman? Now what makes this look even more shady is that all he is doing is slick dodging her to make sure she gets in her car!

Meanwhile, Joseline is standing behind the girls car filming this charade on her cell phone looking quite unbothered. She posted the below video after she sat down and got her a drink:

Let’s remind ya’ll that Joseline is not fighting anybody that could cause her to lose her check boo! So carry on down Peter St. from whence you came!

These folks surely know how to get some good promo for the new season.

Watch as the cast hustles to stay at the top with the season premiere of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Monday, April 4 at 8PM ET/PT.

Click to watch the trailer here.

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